Supermarket Income Reit

Atrato Capital, part of the Atrato Group, is the investment adviser to Supermarket Income REIT plc (“SUPR”), a FTSE 250 real estate trust and the UK’s only specialist grocery property investor. Atrato have advised SUPR since its IPO in 2017.

Atrato sources, advises and asset manages all of Supermarket Income REIT’s investments. Atrato’s team is very experienced in this field having structured and executed over £4 billion of supermarket sale and leasebacks over the last 10 years.

Supermarket Income REIT is the largest landlord of grocery property in the UK.

SUPR Strategy Pillars

SUPR invests in omnichannel supermarkets; modern, flexible buildings
providing both physical grocery shopping and last mile online distribution.


01.Traditional in-store

01.Traditional in-store

The traditional in-store weekly shop accounts for over 60% of all UK grocery sales and is the dominant channel for customers acquiring groceries. Each month the average UK household will spend over £400 on groceries, with a total grocery retail market value of over £210 billion annually which is fulfilled from the UK’s network of over 4,450 supermarkets.


02.Click and collect

02.Click and collect

Click and collect now represents a significant portion of the online grocery market and is expected to continue to grow year on year due to its convenience for customers. Operators continue to invest in modern click and collect systems, offering dedicated drive throughs with number plate recognition, to enhance the customer experience. Omnichannel supermarkets enable operators to offer click and collect to their customers at convenient, local sites.


03.Home delivery

03.Home delivery

Delivering grocery from a well located omnichannel supermarket achieves a game changing saving in the cost of online fulfilment. Delivery cost is the dominant factor in online grocery fulfilment costs. Omnichannel stores have been proven to be the optimal method of online fulfilment due to their proximity to customers, reducing delivery time and cost.

What are Omnichannel Supermarkets?

Large, modern buildings adapted to operate both in-store and online grocery operations.
Located in strategic locations close to major road networks and within large catchment areas
Omnichannel supermarkets are the principal method of online grocery distribution in the UK: c.80% of online orders are fulfilled from omnichannel stores

Our supermarket real estate team

Sustainable investment
for long term value

At Atrato we have targeted responsible investing since our inception, aiming to stand apart from the crowd through not just our values, but our actions towards individuals, society and the environment.


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